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Traffic Management Strategies turn into Routing Proposals

The function of the MDM as a data hub for municipal traffic management was presented in the current pilot project “SCHOOL”.

The consortium of the mFund-supported research project “SCHOOL” gatehered at the end of April to test the successful implementation in the Frankfurt pilot area. For the first time in German-speaking countries, environmentally sensitive traffic management strategies can be transformed into concrete routing suggestions for citizens.

What does this mean

  • The City of Frankfurt will incorporate planned strategies and packages of measures with the indicators that trigger the situation into the platforms of the project partners.
  • These are transferred to the MDM via the DATEX II interfaces, taking into account the current traffic and environmental situation.
  • A routing platform then develops alternative routes and virtual signs and feeds them into an intermodal information system.
  • Parallel to this, light signal systems are controlled from the strategies according to the situation.

The applications are currently undergoing extensive testing and are to be introduced to other regions.

Involved as Project Partners

  • Trafficon GmbH
  • pwp-systems
  • GEVAS Software
  • Bauhaus University Weimar
  • ivm GmbH
  • City of Dortmund
  • City of Frankfurt am Main
  • City of Kassel

Network Coordinator

  • Technical University of Central Hesse, Giessen

Find out more about the mFUND project SCHOOL here >

Our contact for the Frankfurt pilot area:

Volker Kanngießer


Graphics: Trafficon GmbH

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