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Mobility Data Space: Setting off to New (Data) Worlds

The website of the mFUND project Mobility Data Space is now online. The Mobility Data Space is based on the open, decentralized system architecture of the International Data Spaces Association. It provides an open data space for the secure exchange of traffic real-time data and sensitive mobility data.

It is also designed to enable the linking of existing data platforms. The goal is to provide high-quality mobility data nationwide.

By linking public and private sector data via regional and national data platforms, the Mobility Data Space becomes a digital distribution channel for data-driven business models.


What does this mean for the MDM?

The Mobility Data Space has the potential to meaningfully expand the functions of the MDM and make it more attractive overall.

The following MDM functionalities already correspond to the central components of the Mobility Data Space:

  • Metadata can be searched via a web-based user interface. In addition to metadata, it is also possible to distribute useful and content data via the data distributor. This means that numerous subscribers to an offer can be supplied with real-time data, while the data provider only has to operate one interface. Thus, only the latest content of a data offering is always available at the MDM, there is no historization.
  • The MDM already partially supports the function of the vocabulary provider by providing DATEX-II profiles.
  • The metadata research of the MDM is freely accessible; data providers and users must register to use it. The provision of certificates is comparable to the functionality of the Identity Provider.

In its further development, the MDM would like to pursue further conformity with the principles of the Mobility Data Space and the International Data Spaces Association., thus enhancing the trust and sovereignty of MDM data providers.

The new website presents and explains the principle and the range of services of the Mobility Data Space: From its architecture and components to the role of the MDM and the networking of data platforms.


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