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National Access Points, NAP and Interoperability – The MDM embedded in the European context

On the MDM page we regularly present you with developments and practical examples from Germany. However, the MDM is also significant within the European context. First of all, as the National Access Point for Mobility Data, the MDM implements the European Commission’s Action Plan for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The associated European legal framework, the so-called ITS Directive and Delegated Regulations, stipulates the establishment of National Access Points (NAP) in all EU Member States for various mobility data. In fact, many NAP are now in operation, as the interactive map shows. Furthermore, the MDM data ecosystem has an international dimension. Many traffic information services, which you can find on your navigation system or mobile phone, for example, also work across borders. This is because many NAP data services are also obtained from international data recipients. For the sake of acceptance and efficiency, it is important that these data services are accessible and usable by international data recipients across national borders. This is known as interoperability.

The European Commission promotes the efficient use of NAP for interoperable data ecosystems through various research and harmonisation activities:

One of these activities is the EU ITS Platform (EU EIP). Here, the NAP Working Group develops concrete harmonisation approaches for the NAP, for example with regard to data formats and services, and analyses the development of the NAP in annual reports (“NAP Reports”). Further activities include the standardisation of the architectural models for NAP in the “Frame Next” project and a stakeholder initiative of the European NAP operators which is currently being developed.

BASt, as the operator of the MDM, has been involved in these EU activities for years. In this way, it ensures that the MDM continues to “think outside the box” and benefits from the practice and expertise of its EU colleagues. If you are interested in the EU activities mentioned above, please contact the MDM team at the BASt.

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