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Dual Function

Function 1

1. A Portal,

Creating Market Transparency

The MDM’s portal function is an interactive website for providing, searching and subscribing to traffic data. If you would like to provide data, you can describe your data by topic (traffic intensity, travel times, road works data, etc.) and by region (grid feed, regional coverage). The necessary contractual and commercial requirements are completely up to you, the MDM merely provides an organisational framework with its terms and conditions. You can also search for data offers.

Data provided to you by MDM

Measurements from traffic and environment detectors

as well as resulting data about traffic situations, travel times, etc.

Traffic management measures

alternative route recommendations, traffic management strategies, VMS state of operation

Parking information

Location of parking spaces, occupancy data, opening hours, etc.

Information on road works

Location, time, restrictions, etc.

Hazard and incident alerts

Safety relevant traffic information and congestions

Further data

Weather data, forecasts, etc.

Static road network data

Geometry data and road information

Function 2

2. A Broker for 

Reliable and Secure Data Exchange

This MDM function takes care of all important technical processes. It primarily provides the reliable data exchange between data supplier and data consumer. Data delivery and reception are securely logged for transparency (and billing if applicable).

Before closing the subscription agreement, both sides – supplier and customer – check the terms for obtaining data as well as the MDM’s conditions of use. After closing, both partners release their data via the MDM Portal. Data exchange is possible by push and pull method according to preference.

The MDM is a mere ‘delivery platform’, i.e. user data is neither amended nor saved. Prevalent internet standards serve as communication protocols. Certificates, signatures and logging of processes ensure high security regarding data exchange.


MDM’s native XML data format

Container model

The format for structured data exchange of any user data


The mode for data delivery and supply can be selected