About MDM

Germany’s Market Place

for Mobility Data

Whenever you aim to provide or find high quality traffic data in Germany, you can hardly get around the MDM. Why can we make this bold statement? As the national access point for traffic data, we are at the centre of all the action. We provide a neutral platform for exchange, where secure data and communication standards are applied. We provide transparent conditions and high data security. We offer you technical as well as organisational relief. It is best to see for yourself the advantages and possibilities you can gain with the MDM.

National Access Point for Traffic Data –

What Does That Mean?

The EU promote the development of intelligent traffic systems (ITS) through a separate action plan and an ITS directive. It lays down that every member country is to have a national access point for traffic data. In Germany, this role is taken up by the MDM for the area road traffic. We meet all criteria: neutral position, high technical expertise, clearly defined standards. With regards to data and mobility, all strands are coming together with us.

Our background: We are part of the Federal Government’s innovation programme and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure. The project control lies with the Federal Highway Research Institute [Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt)].

Simplification of the exchange of traffic data

One access point for data suppliers and data users.

Without central access point

With the MDM as national access point

MDM in Current Figures

data suppliers from the public sector and the private industry
data recipients
million delivered data packets per month
average latency period for data packets via the MDM-Broker (data-PUSH)

Benefitting from the MDM

Benefits for Road Operators

  • Improved traffic management through traffic data exchange with other road operators
  • Tangible relief due to little organisational effort
  • High transparency and security through secure standards
  • Wide data distribution in end user devices through easy access for service providers

Benefits for Companies and Research

  • Improved business opportunities through easy access to traffic data market
  • Novel research impulses through a wide range of and easily available data
  • High transparency and security through secure standards
  • Higher customer satisfaction through reliable information offer

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