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Fully Prepared for Moving into the Future

Where are we coming from? The MDM was based on a joint initiative by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).
The first idea was born in 2007 as part of the umbrella project ‘Meta data platform for traffic information of private transport’. As part of the Federal Government’s innovation program the MDM was realized and is operated by the Federal Highway Research Institute [Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt)].

Where are we going? We are moving into a future that we have actively helped shaping for years as the data market place and forum for dialogue.

2019 – New Impulse for Doers and Thought Leaders

We launched the overhauled MDM Portal including many new ways for discussion and exchange.

2018 – Third MDM Conference at Alte Börse in Berlin

2018 – The National Body for Traffic Data

The National Body for Traffic Data is active and plays a prominent role in the delivery of high-quality traffic data.

2017 – MDM becomes the national access point for traffic data

2015 – All set for the European market

Our new MDM website goes responsive and is also available in English.

2014 – Second MDM Conference at Umweltforum Berlin

2014 – Welcome to regular operation

The MDM proceeds to regular operation. Its service is reliable and secure even at peak performance periods.

2013 – Now offering petrol station prices

We collect and distribute petrol station prices thanks to a new cooperation with the market transparency unit for fuel of the Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office)

2012 – First MDM Conference at BASt in Bergisch Gladbach

2012 – Pilot operation under very realistic conditions

Our market place is now available to further, non-directly involved players. A robust concept for sustainable operation is created.

2011 – Test mode? Works!

The new market place is tested using initial pilot services. User experiences are fed into the optimisation work.

2010 – The idea is taking technical shape

Dortmund MATERNA GmbH wins the tender process and takes up the implementation work in September.

2009 – Preparation is a must

We clarify important questions about the organisation and the legal framework and prepare for the invitation to tender for the realisation and operation of the MDM- Platform.

2007 – Initial spark for the MDM

Initial thoughts on a platform for dynamic traffic data. We develop the basic concept for an online portal together with potential users.

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