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Migrating to the Mobilithek

The MDM: Mobility Data Marketplace will be replaced by the Mobilithek, a service of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV), by the end of 2023 at the latest. All tasks and functions of the MDM – especially the role as national access point for mobility data – will be taken over by the Mobilithek. The operation of the MDM will then be discontinued in 2024 at the latest and its functions will then no longer be available to you.

We make the changeover easy for you

If you are interested in continuing to use the functions and services known from the MDM, especially with regard to legal data delivery obligations, we recommend migrating to the Mobilithek and the associated data transfer. To make the migration to Mobilithek as easy as possible for you, all data related to your organisation (organisation, users, publications, subscriptions) will be automatically transferred to Mobilithek with your consent. For more information, click here:
As a registered main contact of an organisation, you can agree to and thus initiate such an automated data transfer to the Mobilithek via a new dialogue box in the MDM portal. This dialogue box can be found under “My organisation”, see screenshots below. You will receive an email with further information and recommendations on how to proceed.


Button for declaration

Frequently asked questions and answers

I am already registered in the MDM. Should I now register independently in the Mobilithek?

No, we recommend an automated data transfer, which will provide, among others, your organisational data from the MDM to the Mobilithek. Please use the new dialogue box in the MDM portal for this, see above.

Until when can I give consent or object to automated migration and data transfer?

You can do this until 31.10.2022. However, your decision is one-time and cannot be changed subsequently.

There are several users registered in my organisation. What does this mean for automated migration and data transfer?

You give your consent on behalf of the entire organisation, i.e. also for any other MDM users registered under your organisation. If necessary, consult with the other users.

Does my consent for automated migration and data transfer also include legal consent for future use of the Mobilithek, e.g. acceptance of the terms of use and Terms & Conditions?

No, legally relevant consents for use will be given in a later step about which we will inform you separately.

What happens if I do not agree to the automated migration and data transfer?

You can still use the Mobilithek by transferring your data manually, e.g. by entering your organisational and publication data step by step in the Mobilithek input masks. Ultimately, this gives you the same options in Mobilithek as with automated migration, but the effort involved and the susceptibility to errors are significantly higher in the manual migration process.

I am already active in MDM as a data provider and/or data recipient. What do I have to do to publish or receive my data via the Mobilithek?

Your information on publications and subscriptions that you have created in the MDM will be taken into account in the Mobilithek via the automated data transfer, see above. However, you will have to reconfigure your technical data provider or data recipient interfaces, including changing the reference URL addresses and installing new machine certificates. We are planning a multi-stage process for this until spring 2023. We will contact you in due time by email with further instructions and recommendations for action on this.


We will soon provide further information on the migration process on this page. If you have any further questions about the migration, please contact the MDM team: