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Socrates2.0 final conference

Im Projekt SOCRATES2.0 wurden innovative Kooperationsformen zwischen dem öffentlichem Verkehrsmanagement und privaten Navigationsdiensten konzipiert und in vier Europäischen Städten demonstriert. Auch der MDM spielt hier eine Rolle bei der datenbasierten Kooperation, sowie eine Reihe von Verkehrsmanagementzentrale, Navigationsdienstleistern und die Automobilindustrie. Zur einer kommenden, englischsprachigen Abschlusskonferenz laden wir Sie gerne ein. Weitere Detailinfos und einen Registrierungslink finden Sie weiter unten.

SOCRATES2.0 final conference
“Wondering is the beginning of wisdom“

22 June, 14.00 – 16.30 GMT+1

The SOCRATES2.0 partners are happy to invite you to the online final SOCRATES2.0 conference on 22 June 2021. We are excited to present and share our results and discuss with you our perspective on public-private cooperation and what we think the future holds for interactive traffic management.


  • 14.00 The journey of SOCRATES2.0 in a nutshell
  • 14.20 Learn about the results of SOCRATES 2.0 in the breakout sessions
  • 16.10 Reflection of all SOCRATES2.0 partners on the project and the future of interactive traffic management.
  • 16.30 Optional: join the team for an informal online drink and ask us anything!

There will be two rounds of 5 different breakout sessions to choose from:

  • Lessons learned & how to fail faster: Organisational, functional and technical aspects of SOCRATES2.0
  • SOCRATES2.0 cooperation framework: The essential first step towards the win-win-win.
  • Bringing the concept of interactive traffic management to European practice: Enablers & bottlenecks.
  • Different road authorities have different perspectives: How does this impact interactive traffic management.
  • Facing reality: Piloting SOCRATES2.0 services in 4 cities.

More information on the programme and breakout sessions is available now on our website.

SOCRATES2.0 Magazine

A few days before the conference the SOCRATES2.0 Magazine will be published on the conference website. This digital magazine covers our journey and findings. It also contains various links to the more elaborate public reports. We invite you to browse through this rich content for a comprehensive view on interactive traffic management and the results of SOCRATES2.0.

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