Discover and benefit from the MDM

Use the Mobility Data Marketplace to present your service or to find offers of quality data. Offering, researching into and subscribing to traffic data is convenient and easy on the MDM platform.

All options are open when you register as a user. Even without registering, you can research and gain an impression of the services of the MDM.


Find instead of search is the motto: as a registered user or potential user, researching into information on existing publications is straightforward and simple. The majority of this information is publicly accessible on the MDM. Filter functions make it easier to find the data you want. The list of hits is displayed on a map.

An example: which data provider offers the "Verkehrslage" (traffic situation) data type for a specific region? The list of hits of publications can also be filtered according to the criteria of data type and delivery frequency. Matching data publications appear on a map; simply click on one of the site markers and you will see details of the publication concerned.


As a registered user, you benefit from several advantages and receive support from the MDM help desk. Research into information offered exclusively to registered MDM subscribers, and enter your data requests. Only registered users can offer data or procure information via the MDM.

In order to be able to use the MDM on behalf of your organisation, you must first register the organisation. First enter the organisation data in the registration form. Your email address is then verified. Then install the browser certificate that is sent to you so that you can log on to the MDM in future.

Registration is free, and there are no charges for membership etc. Once your organisation has been registered, you can add further users.

Offer data

Create a publication to present the data you offer on the MDM. This consists of a description and other settings, including those concerning data validity, data type and whether it should be possible to research the offer publicly. You can keep an eye on your publication and edit it at any time using the administration function.

In order for a data client to be able to procure data from you, create a subscription for him. This is also very simple to do. To create a subscription you need the organisation ID of the data client. The subscription can similarly be conveniently administrated.

You have all of your deliveries to data clients in constant view through a clear list of all subscritpions. The relevant status is displayed. All tasks you need to perform are grouped together in the task list.

Use data

When you have found an attractive publication using the research function, contact the data provider. As soon as you have come to an agreement, he will create a subscription for you on the data channel.

You can configure this subscription according to the requirements of your data client system. You can view the status of your subscriptions in your order summary. You can also edit the configuration of every subscription here. For example, select the data transfer protocol here.

On the Open Tasks page, all tasks to be performed are displayed.

Diagnostics functions help you with data transfer problems. The downloading of data packets to your desktop computer to check delivery is likewise possible.

Refine data

As a supplier of data refining services, your services are of great benefit to data providers on the MDM. You can find out more about business opportunities at .