This is how the MDM works

The Mobility Data Marketplace has two functional levels to guarantee smooth operation:

Portal function for market transparency

An interactive website for offering, researching into and subscribing to all data that can be procured via the MDM.

  • The data provider describes the data in terms of subject (traffic intensity, travel times, road works data etc.) and area (network cover). He also defines the contractual and commercial conditions.
  • The data client researches the data on offer and can specify his data requirements.
  • Before concluding the subscription, both parties check the terms for procuring the data and the MDM terms of use.
  • After concluding the subscription, both parties approve the submission of data via the MDM portal. The data exchange takes place as push or pull according to user preferences.

Broker function for secure data exchange

All important technical procedures, and in particular the reliable data exchange between providers and users, are regulated at this level. The acceptance and delivery of the data is securely logged.

  • The MDM is purely a "delivery platform"; user data are neither changed nor stored.
  • Prevalent global internet standards are used as communication protocols.
  • Certificates, signatures and logging of procedures ensure a highly secure data exchange.


Supported native XML data format on the MDM.

Container model

XML format for the structured data exchange of any user data.


The supply / delivery mode for data can be selected by the data provider / client.

Format conversion

This takes place as external service outside of the MDM.

Data content on the MDM

Measured data from traffic and environment sensors
and data about the level of service on the network, travel times etc. derived from them

Traffic management measures
e.g. alternative route recommendations, current settings of variable traffic signs...

Information about parking spaces

Road works information

Hazards and incident messages

Device specification and location referencing

Petrol station prices
are collated and distributed via the MDM. Access is possible after authorisation by the market transparency office. You can apply for this here >

Other data
Weather data, forecasts etc.