The brand with the star has just become safer

Mercedes Benz, Hessen Mobil and MDM are partners in safety: The new E-Class receives position data from roadworks in Hesse, while MDM is responsible for the reliable data transmission.

Project: Car-to-X with real-time roadworks data

Car-to-X-Communication has broadened the horizon of vehicle sensor technology. Exchanging data with other vehicles in real time allows early warnings of critical situations.
The new E-Class is equipped ex works with the Car-to-X-Technology. An inbuilt communications module informs the driver about possible hazards like breakdowns, accidents or bad weather-and now even roadworks. The position data for day time roadworks has been provided by Hessen Mobil via MDM since the beginning of 2016.

Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in car-to-car communication for production vehicles, having offered this technology from as early as 2013.

MDM contribution: Secure data transfer

Hesse is the first federal state in Germany to deploy a region-wide operational warning system for day time roadworks. Since 2007, trailers used to secure day time roadworks have been fitted with Car-to-X-transmitter technology. Hessen Mobil ensures this unique data is securely and reliably available via MDM.

Implementation: Smooth communication from beginning to end

Hessen Mobil provides data via MDM using the standardised DATEX II profile. Mercedes-Benz distributes this data via the Daimler Vehicle Back-end and ensures its integration with vehicle telematics.

The vehicle’s communications module is connected to the Daimler Vehicle Back-end via a secure VPN connection. Data and vehicle systems are thus protected from unauthorized access. Mercedes- Benz also relies on eSim-Technology. Due to the Remote Subscription capability it is possible to switch mobile phone providers without exchanging SIM cards.

Benefit: Safety of drivers and road workers

The use of real time data for day time roadworks as part of the Car-to-X-Communication not only contributes to the safety of vehicle occupants, but also employees of the road maintenance department.