Best Practice

Squeezing through the traffic jam

The City of Frankfurt on the Main Road Traffic Department relies on technical innovations regarding daily traffic management. The aim is to contribute to optimal traffic control within a highly dynamic agglomeration. Qualitative and current traffic information is to be available to all road users at all times. MDM processes the required data by complying with clearly defined legal concepts to create security and predictability for all stakeholders.

Hessen Mobil: Car-to-X with real-time roadworks data

Mercedes Benz, Hessen Mobil and MDM are partners in safety: The new E-Class receives position data from roadworks in Hesse, while MDM is responsible for the reliable data transmission.

Automatically better informed

The state capital Dusseldorf provides automatically generated traffic reports via MDM, e.g. current tunnel closures. Public and private providers can thus access this information quicker and directly. A system unparalleled throughout Germany.

New routes to sustainable targets

Innovative solutions for mobility 4.0 were the key focus at the first Government Hackathon, the BMVI Data Run 2015. Participants had around 24 hours to mould their ideas into practical concepts. The clear winner was the group AmazingMapMen. They developed an application for intelligent traffic control based on sustainable criteria.