The future for MDM is secured – ITS Forum in Berlin on 14 April 2016

On 14 April 2016, the ITS Forum took place at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin/Germany. The organiser, ITS Association Germany, had invited representatives from the fields of economics, science and administration to discuss perspectives for ITS in Germany, as well as to reveal current trends and development strands.

Special attention was given to the Head of Section at BMVI, Mr Andreas Krueger, when he announced that future funding for MDM had been secured for the next years. This signal coincides with the successful establishment of MDM as technological platform, which is being populated with data.

Blick in das Auditorium mit MDM Infostand

The event offered a successful mixture of top class presentations, excellent speakers, as well as an expert audience of more than 100 participants.

The interdisciplinary character of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) was reflected in the diversity of the topics presented. The array of presentations ranged from aspects of interconnected and automated driving for personal transport to customized information and ticketing systems for public transport. Essential technologies in communication, data management and information exchange were addressed.

Within this context, MDM also finds its place as the central contact point for diverse information regarding future mobility.

Kind regards

Jörg Pfister for
Mobilitäts Daten Marktplatz

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