mFUND’s work is in full swing

For the past year, this BMVI research initiative has been supporting a wide range of Mobility 4.0 projects. In August, it started its third call for funding applications. This time the focus is on funding start-ups. That means that start-ups, spin-offs and small and medium-sized enterprises should be involved in the projects. Here is an overview of the most important information:

Who gets funding?
Projects which use data from the business area of the BMVI to identify new application and networking opportunities and develop innovative solutions and products. Data related to the MDM is therefore also included here.

What are the categories?
- Category A: Data access/data-based applications in the field of “remote sensing, drones and satellites”
- Category B: Data access/data-based applications related to data from the business area of the BMVI
- Category C: mFUND development
- Category D: Data governance, data-oriented norms and standardization

What is the level of assistance?
In category A, B and C up to three million euros. For Category D, the funding is of a maximum of 0.5 million euros.

When do the project outlines have to be submitted?
The deadline for projects in categories A, B and C is 31 October 2017, in category D 30 September 2017.

Comprehensive information, contact details and the complete funding call are available at