MDM involvement in the Clean Air Programme

The current Government’s “Clean Air Emergency Programme 2017-2020” provides financial support to local authorities for initiatives to improve the traffic-related emission status. Promoted measures include among others the digitalisation of local traffic systems by providing comprehensive environmental, mobility and traffic data.

Recently, the Minister of Transport allocated further funding for these digitalisation projects:


The installation and development of integrated traffic management systems in German local authorities is a crucial area of activity. These systems link and coordinate tasks of local traffic managers, e.g. light signal control, traffic surveillance, roadworks management, incident management, parking guidance systems, etc. Important information regarding the current traffic situation as well as control strategies is thereby frequently generated and communicated ideally via a number of channels to the transport users.

MDM as multiplier

The MDM is the ideal platform and multiplier for such information and plays an integral part in many project applications. According to our research, 24 project applications have been submitted by local authorities that are directly related to the MDM. They primarily address the data availability and interfaces from traffic management systems to the MDM. We expect that with the current funding programme further local authorities will take MDM into account and that this will lead to many new data provisions by local authorities within MDM.

The “Clean Air Emergency Programme” generally highlights the potential of MDM to increase the local traffic management and thus to improve the traffic and emission situation in German cities.

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