Update of the traffic safety related message sets

Agreement between Amsterdam Group, DATEX-organisation und TISA

In the Directive 2010/40/EU (ITS Directive) the European Commission developed as priority action c a EU regulation named “Data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users”.

It defines amongst others a single list of categories of safety related traffic information to be provided without additional cost for the end user. This list provides a subset of DATEX II codes, DENM event types, TPEG-TEC causes and TMC events.
In order to allow data to be passed along the value chain without loss of information, the relevant TISA, DATEX and Amsterdam Group organisations have agreed on a mapping of the four standards DATEX II, DENM, TPEG and TMC to be used for safety-related messages.

The document is available for download on the DATEX II and TISA web pages.

Downloads available

at Datex2.eu