The MDM Xing Group

In the MDM Xing group you will find a forum that introduces and discusses experiences, expectations, suggestions and examples of successful projects with the MDM. It also serves the MDM User Group, a self-organised community of committed MDM users, as a platform for presenting their results and discussion items to a broader professional audience.

Take part in the discussion. Participation is free of charge, and merely requires registration on the Xing platform. Currently the MDM Xing group has about 400 members from the areas of business, science and public administration. Are you already one of them?


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Traffic Data Conference

The next MDM conference on traffic data is planned for 2018. To stay up-to-date, please sign up for our newsletter.

The traffic data conference on the 10th and 11th of November, 2014, in Berlin was a real success. 180 domain experts took part in lively discussions in the Open Space about subjects concerning the MDM that they selected. Quality presentations from the political, business and research domain rounded off the programme.

On the conference website you can find impressions, the résumés of speakers and downloads of the presentation and workshop slides. We have inserted an extra menu item for the discussion subjects arising from the Open Space and their results, and invite you to continue the discussion in the forums installed there.

AGIT 2015

During the "AGIT Symposiums 2015" in Salzburg/Austria a special forum addressed the MDM.

How do stakeholders with different levels of innovation cooperate in different thematic and regional areas?

This and other questions were raised and discussed during the MDM Special Forum.

The MDM User Group took the initiative – together with TraffiCon, PRISMA solutions and the Centre for Geoinformatics of Salzburg University – to bring together the MDM and the Austrian "Graph Integration Platform" (GiP) in two dedicated sessions.

A round-up during a subsequent workshop introduced innovative mobility services and traffic management concepts. A summary and conclusions from these three sessions of the special forum can be found on our dedicated pages (in German), together with a download feature for all presentations.